Christian CHEVALLIER - 1st deputy mayor of Châtenay (Isère)

Such an electronic message sign represents an important investment for a small town like Châtanay (460 inhabitants) but we are satisfied with its use.

We are lucky that the electronic panel has been set up on the major road which is quite a lot frequented by our citizens. We have no regret regarding this purchase. Thank you to I-CARE.

Arnaud POTIER – Manager of our partner EQUIP’AVENUE

I’ve decided to work with I-CARE several years ago. I wanted to collaborate with a French manufacturer which controls its whole process (from production to after-sale service). My end-customers appreciate ICARE products for their usability and their reliability. And it’s a real pleasure for me to set up the products and give trainings to customers about their uses.

Jean-Paul VADOT – Mayor of the city of Soirans (Côte d’Or)

The town of Soirans is crossed by two main roads. One of them is the main street of the city center (council building, schools, library ...). Given the excessive speeds and the lack of safety, especially around schools, the City Council decided to install speed indicators signs at the three main entrances of the village.

We chose the radar speed sign called ICARE for different reasons: it has flashing red lights, visibility from long distance, amount of the associated fine, data recording, and the possibility to write the name of our town.

We’ve noticed a real positive impact from schools and inhabitants, who were starting to feel in danger when walking in the village. Now, citizens seem more relax and the council is glad.

Romain ROBINET - Manager of our partner R²

I-Care, compared with its competitors, is accessible, attentive and flexible… Such advantages allow the company to quickly adapt to the market evolutions.

Matthias ELLGASS - Manager of our partner ELGA

We’ve chosen to collaborate with I-CARE because the products they manufacture are well-designed, of high quality and easy-to-use. Moreover, I-CARE is attentive and easily reachable.